Why Buy Used?

Save the Environment

One part at a time, buying used parts is an environment friendly choice. The amount of resources that go into making a part in today times adds significant Carbon Footprint. By buying used, you not only diminish the impact of manufacturing new but also reduce landfill. Also reputable recyclers remove all toxic fluids like gasoline, anti-freeze, batteries, lead, mercury, refrigerant etc. from each vehicle.

Save Money $$$

Of the many reasons to why buy used is with the ever increasing high cost of OEM pricing, why buy new when used will do.  Happiness is saving money, so go green and buy recycled!

A 2nd chance for your vehicle

By buying used, you save money and also get to drive your vehicle longer, that you are comfortable to drive, with peace of mind.


Why buy from Allwest Auto Parts?


Any salvage yard will have parts. But at Allwest Auto, we have the most advanced Quality Control & Inventory Management Systems & an organized yard to ensure you get what you need.

Competitive Price

Allwest Auto Parts systematically prices inventory to make sure you gets the best possible deal!


Allwest Auto Parts consistently works to stock parts on vehicles that are on the road today and we can source parts that we don’t have. We can get what you need!


We provide 90 day Warranty on all parts & if that doesn’t entice you, we exclusively provide LIFE TIME WARRANTY – Ask us for details!

Well Trained & Courteous Staff

Allwest Auto takes great pride in its Sales & Parts Staff. They are professional & ensure that their customers are assisted in an attentive & personal manner.

Clean, Professional Showroom & Facility

Our Customers are welcomed in a comfortable, well-lit Sales Showroom. We take pride in being different & not your average greasy, dirty and unorganized junk yard. We are a professional vehicle recycler.